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Tools for Virginia Green Travel Partners & Individuals

  • NEW! Virginia Green “Skip-the-straw” table cards!

  • Certified Virginia Green Travel Partners

    Let’s make the most of your Virginia Green Travel Certification! Tell your customers and share with your community. Use the Virginia Green logo and incorporate green messaging into your own marketing and social media efforts. Tell your suppliers and engage your staff. Brag about all that you are doing for the environment. Strive for additional green projects and apply for our annual Virginia Green Travel Star Awards!

    There are all kinds of ways to market your Virginia Green Travel efforts and our Tool Kit for Virginia Green Travel Partners has tons of resources, great ideas, examples of social media posts and continuing education opportunities for you and your staff.


    This is for any and all “Green-Minded” individuals who want to help and protect the environment by supporting the Virginia Green Travel program and its partners. Green Travel Champions are CONSUMERS actively seeking to support Certified Virginia Green Travel Partners by seeking out certified partners wherever they travel in Virginia and supporting them with their business. They are also RECRUITERS, encouraging other businesses to be environmentally-responsible and to consider joining the Virginia Green Travel program. Lastly, Green Travel Champions are ACTIVISTS in their communities engaging with others and supporting the Sustainable Tourism in Virginia.

    The Green Travel Champions section of the TOOL KIT provides a simple process to sign up and be engaged through the newsletter, plus great resources and ideas for how to support and promote the program in your community.